My name is Kazimierz Hendrix. I am a certified Swiss ESA Trail- and Mountainrunning coach and guide, who coaches runners with a special interest in trailrunning. Living in the heart of beautifull Switzerland, I found my passion for running in the mountains. Here I can enjoy the breathtaking views above the clouds and smell the fresh alpine air while training on the trails and cover many kilometers.

As a Dutch physiotherapist specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, I have a special interest in endurance sports, like trailrunning and other mountain sports. From my passion as an alpine-endurance athlete, I can combine my training experience with my professional knowledge in the field of sports physiotherapy. I do yearly courses to stay up to date with the latest evidence in sports rehab science. My background at a master level in physiotherapy makes this evidence practical in training individuals, through the years working as a physiotherapist.

Besides my work as a physio and running coach, I compete in trailrunning events worldwide.

TrailrunLab shows you how to improve running techniques and prevent injuries.

With the guiding options, we will have a mini adventure on the Swiss trails.


Born in Grindelwald, Petsch Spieler grew up amongst some of the most famous mountains in Switzerland. Taking part at an early age in ski racing and mountain sports gave him already in young years experience how to cope, survive and be safe in the mountains.

In 1982, Petsch moved to Bournemouth, England, where his passion for running evolved. A long time member with the Littledown Harriers, he took part in countless races, locally and nationally. Petsch was for many years a qualified running coach for his club, helping many members to achieve their running goals and in equal terms how to enjoy the sport of running and keep them going and motivated.

In 2010, Petsch and his partner Suz decided to move to the french Pyrénées to open a B&B. There, in the beautiful wild mountains regions, his love and passion for trail and mountain running blossomed further.

At the end of 2016, Petsch returned back to his roots in Grindelwald. Since then, he has been exploring and enjoying the trails of the Swiss Alps. He decided to create his website Trailpetsch.com to share his passion for the Swiss mountains, as well as giving advice on planning tours, safety in the mountains, gear advice and more. 

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