My name is Kazimierz Hendrix. I am a certified Swiss ESA Trail- and Mountainrunning coach and guide, who coaches runners with a special interest in trailrunning. Living in the heart of beautifull Switzerland, I found my passion for running in the mountains. Here I can enjoy the breathtaking views above the clouds and smell the fresh alpine air while training on the trails and cover many kilometers.

As a Dutch physiotherapist specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, I have a special interest in endurance sports, like trailrunning and other mountain sports. From my passion as an alpine-endurance athlete, I can combine my training experience with my professional knowledge in the field of sports physiotherapy. I do yearly courses to stay up to date with the latest evidence in sports rehab science. My background at a master level in physiotherapy makes this evidence practical in training individuals, through the years working as a physiotherapist.

Besides my work as a physio and running coach, I compete in trailrunning events worldwide.

TrailrunLab shows you how to improve running techniques and prevent injuries.

With the guiding options, we will have a mini adventure on the Swiss trails.

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